Canine Crusaders for Second Chances
K9 Crusaders for Second Chances

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  K9 Crusaders for Second Chances

This is a dream come true for some of us...We started with 12 people who answered a call to help dogs on a face book post. Now called co-founders we became "Canine Crusaders for Second Chances". 
With years of experience as fosters, trainers, board memebers etc...for other rescues we felt a need to create a "Second Chance" Program. We are 501c3 accredited. We are also very much so in our "puppy stages" as well like to call it... We need help getting organized, networking, and most importantly we need You.
all working for who??? The dogs of course!!! 
Our rescue program was started in January of 2017. Our goal and effort is to network and help save dogs lives. Our Mission is to promote and encourage adoptions of Second Chance rescue dogs in our community.
We also stride to make spaying and neutering affordable for the average dog owner. Through our Spay/Neuter "snip it" bus we are helping to control the pet population in our local area.
Mission Statement