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                                                 Momma Dog

On death row, scheduled for Euthanasia was three Great Pyrenees/Pit Bull puppies and their "Momma". We asked our contact if we could possibly pull these beautiful dogs. Her response was "and Momma Too". Well, of course we wouldn't think of taking the puppies and leaving Momma behind. Lots of "rescues" do this but, we are not lots of rescues.
One puppy the female was adopted almost immediately while her two brothers and Momma waited.
Everyone pulled together and we were able to save the other two and Momma Dog.
We got the dogs into boarding with our awesome NC, boarder Nicole at Double N. We got them right into the vet for test and check-up.
We have pulled at that point, about 20 dogs from a NC high kill shelter. Momma Dogs results came back from her tests, and she was/is Heartworm positive. Many people don't know what that is...and I wasn't familiar as well. Down south approx. 1 in 5 dogs test positive for Heartworm. Heartworm is caused by a mosquito bite. Yep, one bite can infect the dog for life. It is actual worms that grow and develop in their heart. So, what to do?
Well options are two. 1.) One being aggressive treatment which is approx. $4,000. and can potentially kill the dog if their system is not able to with stand the treatment. They call this "fast Kill". 2.)Two is to take the "slow kill" approach which is one month of antibiotics after which you start giving heartworm preventive meds. HW preventive meds are administered once a month they prevent the dog from being infected however, when used for a dog that is already HW positive they will slowly kill the heart worms. This process can take up to and beyond one year till the dog would test negative.

The important thing to remember with a dog that is HW positive is "Low key" environment. The dog must remain as calm as possible at all times. This means little to no walks, no aggressive play, and lots of mental stimulation.
Momma Dog spends her days having the run of my bedroom. She is able to see out front and watch people coming and going. She knows she has kitties in the room beside her and loves to see them. Momma dog loves her current living arrangement and is always anxious to go back upstairs to her room. She likes watching the "dog relation" channel on TV and her favorite dog shows. She also enjoys listening to the radio and going for rides. Her favorite part of the day is at night fall when she gets to cuddle with her foster Mom and get some extra loving.
Momma dog is looking for a foster/adopter where it is low key all the time unlike her foster Mom's busy home. The rescue is willing to pay for her treatments and continued care while we monitor the Heart Worm Disease.
Both of Momma dogs puppies Sonny and Sampson were adopted quickly yet Momma dog waits for her family...
Funding is needed to keep up with vet costs & treatments for Momma dog and all our rescue dogs. If you are able to donate please support Momma dogs recovery today by donating thru paypal thru friends and family at or thru our home page at Donations can also be mailed to:

                                 PO BOX 417
                                 W. Milton PA 17886
          No amount is to small and all donations are tax deductible!!!
Help us continue to care for Momma dog, and all our rescue dogs saving lives one dog at a time & giving Second Chances to those in need.
                         Together we are making a difference!!!
Momma Dog